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It was a good run.

Last updated October 22nd, 2003

Well, things happen for a reason, lets just where this takes us. The Moses Explosion after 6 years of making music has called it, in October of 2003. The band has been struggling with schedules and the like and finally decided to call it a day, career? Whatever you want to call it, what we did and what were able to accomplish was something great and we had fun doing it too. The songs were always fun to play and we enjoyed all the people who came out to see us where ever we played. The band is going to part ways and would like to thank all of you who would ask "When are you playing again?" those people would make us practice and get us off our asses, thank you, you kept us going for quite some time. We had fun and I hope you did too.

I would like to thank everyone who took part in this one way or another, playing these songs and helping me out. In no particular order:

Antonio "POPS!" Popaleo, Nicole Gastieger, Leo "fele" Lorenzana, Jr., David J., Mike B., Tony Tripp, Ivan Ehlers, Brian B., Carlos Gutierrez and my family allowing us to make noise until 9pm any night we wanted and  feeding me and my fellow band mates. And anyone else Im forgetting.

Thanks for Everything,



Who wants updates?                                                     1/14/04

Well I was thinking on how I would do this, so I decided to go with the list idea. I will just list the final guys involved and then shell out the updates.

Mike B. - Still in Mexico but do back state side very soon, I am talking a little more than a week. It will be good to have him around.

Carlos - He works alot and lends his talents to a new band called Novi Split, headed by former explosioner David J.

Brian B. - As far as I know he has school, don't know if he has returned yet, but rumor has it that he is lending his talents to the band Osker (maybe spelled Oscar) or members of, I don't know. I will have to talk to him about it.

Alfredo - Got married, moved to Georgia and still playing, recording and the mastermind behind the First JR.

Moses - Works alot, travles more, plans on attending school when it starts, finished the "Leftovers are the Bestovers" cd. and also appearing in the band Novi Split.

Thats all I know for now and I hope to keep you up to speed on things. I hope you continue to check out the site of what once was and still enjoy all the music this band provided. I will try and get the music aspect of the site back up, went belly up so I need to find someone else to provide that service again. Talk to you soon. bye.


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